From Humble Beginnings…

Maybe it started when I broke the needle on my mother’s Technics turntable when I was 9, trying to scratch like I heard on the Fat Boys album. Or, maybe it was bending the five and a quarter inch sized floppy disks ’till they couldn’t fit in our Apple IIe. Or… maybe it was the computer classes she signed me up for during the summer months where I learned to bounce a square dot around a slightly green screen while programming in Logo… Too many times I “had” to know how something worked, so often in fact, I had it down to an efficient science…just get it put back together before she gets home.

Yes, this youthful curiosity grew, and eventually while browsing the world wide web in our school library (Using Netscape no doubt) while in middle school I discovered what “View Page Source” actually meant. Woah! It was like looking at the code of the Matrix. That was it, I could actually see what code some GENIUS had typed to make these beautiful sites…! Well, that eventually led to Dreamweaver, and then Photoshop, and then Illustrator, and so on and so forth… and now if I don’t know how it works, I certainly will after a quick trip around the net.

Self-taught, hands on training.

Break it, and put it back together.

Trial and error.

And when all else fails, jump on YouTube and see if someone’s posted a tutorial…Let’s Go!